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ToaBS - A Higher Existence (Ch. 17)
"Hey, Lusamine," I said.
"Yup?" She replied.
"You know how the cashier lady told us what location to go to, right?"
"Well, I never expected for us to travel all the way to the Hau'oli City beachfront. Did she also expect how broken-down your private ship was often, to the point where we could have simply flown over there, instead?"
"Well, it was raining heavily outside the Pokémon Center. Would you have preferred to potentially risk dying in the sky, instead? You know, thunderstorms."
"Yeah, but, couldn't you have found a better ship? I mean, the current one that Aether has is pretty slow and decrepit, honestly. I don't see why you run such a high-tech company with cutting-edge software and all, yet this ship we had to be on for nearly two days to get from Akala to Ula'ula was sluggish."
"I was going to do just that, in fact, before you decided to steal my body, and deliberately, mind you! It's the reason why I called Wicke to come with me in the first place, sinc
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ToaBS - The Aether Situation (Ch. 15)
Cynthia arranged a meeting between Lillie and I in the local park, and it seems like I'm, yet again, going to switch with another one. Well, I at least got January off, so that's a good thing. Back to the same old routine.
Lillie is a mysterious lady, really; she wears Victorian-styled clothing, and her manners are clearly archaic by today's standards. She's not a Pokémon Trainer, as she really doesn't seem too fond of seeing Pokémon getting hurt or something.
When we both finally met, she told me that I would have to go to the Aether Foundation for what seemed to be my next host...
...ah, I see.
She pretty much reassured me that nothing terrible would happen after Lusamine and I switch bodies after meeting each other. Well, I guess I should be a bit relaxed... even though I'm taking the place of not just Lillie's own mother, but she's also the president of the Aether Foundation itself! Geez...
After riding a ship to the private island, as I was about to vomit profusely from
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ToaBS - The Visit (Ch. 13)
"It felt as though I've been Taylor Swift for my entire life," I told Cynthia. "Luckily, I'm back in my own body".
"Of course you are. But you'll be in Juri Han's body next," she replied.
"How delightful," I said, sarcastically.
"I thought you said you were starting to like it?"
"I am, but that crazy, blood-thirsty lady from Street Fighter IV? I probably won't do a good job even trying to talk with her mannerisms. Bet they'll notice something wrong on the spot."
"Why do you complain now? You seemed to do just fine with the others. Besides, they already know about your situation."
"Well, I guess that-"
The front door then rang. And I knew exactly who's coming.
I looked through the peep hole and saw her. She's one annoying, little sister of mine, that's who.
I reluctantly opened the door, and she frantically zoomed inside.
What a cuckoo-head. Still the same as before, I thought.
My sister's got so much energy that she could possibly make even Pikachu look like a slug by compari
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Collab: One thing leads to another... by SpaceDemonFez Collab: One thing leads to another... :iconspacedemonfez:SpaceDemonFez 51 7 Give me Back! by Raze-L Give me Back! :iconraze-l:Raze-L 37 9 Tani's Surprise Swap! by Raze-L Tani's Surprise Swap! :iconraze-l:Raze-L 27 4 After Tani's swap attack by Raze-L After Tani's swap attack :iconraze-l:Raze-L 21 11 Tani's Surprise Attack by Raze-L
Mature content
Tani's Surprise Attack :iconraze-l:Raze-L 28 3
Bunnies by Raze-L Bunnies :iconraze-l:Raze-L 29 3
ToaBS - Celebrity Swap?! (Ch. 12)
"You're kidding me right now," I said to Cynthia.
A week after the whole beach thing happened, this morning, Cynthia called me and said that our remote has been upgraded with newer features.
Wait, you mean that the remote was bought?! Where the hell did she get it, then?
Oh, wait, it's a gift from Bill from the Kanto region. Never mind, then.
How does Cynthia manage to go to all these places, and not have her fired from being the Champion of Sinnoh? Jeez, lady.
She was here, showing me the new buttons and a sleeker look to the damn thing. It actually looks like an iPhone. It's even touch-screen based.
See? This purple button gives us newer opportunities for more experimentation. It lets you swap with people in your world, as opposed to simply different universes from yours.
That's definitely eyebrow-raising, I thought. Okay, Cynthia is now pretty much making me her lab rat at this point. But I guess I'm fine with it, if it'll make me more open-minded at the end of it. School already st
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ToaBS - The Aftermath (Ch. 11)
"I don't feel like I'm even part of any group," I thought put loud while traveling back to my hometown, after someone I personally know rather well invited me to a trip at a private island, which made me also personally invite Irina Jelavić if she wanted to come with me. Now, I was being a bit forceful, yes, but I still managed to make her go. After all, I believe that even an assassin like her needs a break every now and then.
I was by myself, inside the ship. I usually do this after socializing with others, but it's usually if I need to instead of voluntarily talking to any person on the street. Even if I actually talked to some people, including Cynthia, obviously, and Robin, I still felt kind of... worthless. I know why I still feel like this, mind you, since I've been like this for years, but even with a social group, I'm an empty shell. Sometimes I wonder why I even agreed to this plan of hers, I swear... Maybe I should just focus on better things than that. Am I too... cold
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Tales of a Body Swapper - The Training Regime
"Tsunade-sama... you called?" I asked her.
I was still in Irina Jelavić's body, and she called me to meet her at the park one afternoon.
"Yes, I did," replied Tsunade. She had inside her backpack dozens of 5 to 10 pound weights. Apparently, Irina had a training regime with Tsunade... for some reason.
"Now, Eddy... I want you to use that remote you have to switch bodies with me. I want to try an experiment. But let's do it inside the unisex restroom at the center of the park.
"What?" I replied, annoyed. I was only in her body for three days. Sure, she had a ton of work, but it could be better if I served the full term, which was one week each swap.
But I gave in easily, and pushed the red button on the remote, and we switched bodies with each other. I guarantee that some people were suspicious of us entering together.

When I opened my eyes, I felt a sudden surge of energy flow through me. I was surprised how... powerful I felt as Tsunade. Then a
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Mature content
Tales of a Body Swapper - The Serbian Spy (Ch. 10) :iconmariozelda128:MarioZelda128 3 0
ToaBS - Chapter 9 - Chilling in Robin's Body
Well, then; I guess I'm now Nico Robin - the amazonian brunette who also happens to be an archeologist.
I was wearing a green bra and her trademark post-timeskip sunglasses; after all, summer's hot, and it's the freaking beach we're talking about here - it's expected from women like Robin. Nami was wearing a white bikini - pretty plain clotheswear. I was also reading one of her books, while Nami was having fun with the rest of the crew.
She was treating me like she was always treating Robin - like best friends, since that's what they both were at this point.
This situation feels so familiar somehow - mainly when I was Samus and she was teaching Zelda how to surf.
Of course, Robin was taller than Nami, being 6'2" and 5"7', respectively. So it's obviously no surprise that I had to look down at her, you know? Pretty ignorant of me, I must say...
Anyway, Nami and myself were heading to the snack bar - it was noon at this time - and the rest of the Straw Hat crew were there.
Luffy was the u
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Cynthia apparently fixed my problem...
The last chapter of "Tales of a Body Swapper" had explained this already, so read that one, if you haven't. Apparently, last week, she managed to fix the switching problem I had until now. So yeah, I guess the series will continue after all.
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Tales of a Body Swapper: Final: Stuck Like This
(OK, I'm not retiring this series completely, but I feel like I've been losing motivation, in particular, for this series. I decided to go meta and make this the final chapter in this rather short-lived story. I'm sorry if you wanted to see more of my antics, but it appears it can't be done, at least, when I'm in a creative slump. The conclusion of this story will probably lead to other stories in the future, but for now, this'll be a bit of a send-off, at least for me writing something, anyway. If you have read all of this, thank you. Means a lot.)

Hey... I'm in Rosalina's body again, I thought to myself, as I suddenly found myself with the Lumas, with a large storybook on my delicate, blue-nailed hands. Apparently, she must have been reading to them when I switched bodies with her... again. What's with the inconsistent swappings that's, at's been going on with me recently? I have a very suspicious feeling that this isn't working out as well as Cyn
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